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Danny Elfman

Violin Concerto - Eleven Eleven

Sony Classical

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Marilyn Manson and Danny Elfman & Tim Burton talk on Nightmare Before Christmas
Danny Elfman & Helena Bonham-Carter sing Nightmare Before Christmas at Royal Albert Hall
1 Elfman: Violin Concerto 'Eleven Eleven' I. Grave; Animato  
2 II. Spietato  
3 III. Fantasma  
4 IV. Giacoso; Lacrimae  
5 Elfman: Piano Quartet I. Ein Ding  
6 II. Kinderspott  
7 III. Duett fur Vier  
8 IV. Ruhig  
9 V. Die Wolfsjungen  
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"Every child knows his melodies." You'll normally only hear this about rock stars. But Danny Elfman is a composer of film music. Yet, who doesn't know how to whistle the theme from The Simpsons? Or the driving sound of Beetlejuice devised by Elfman in 1988, which became a hallmark for the comedy-fantasy film genre and for video games. Elfman provided the film score for nearly all movies directed by Tim Burton, invented the cinematic sound for Spider Man and Men in Black and came up with the main theme for Desperate Housewives. Hailing from Los Angeles and already a member of an avant-garde ensemble by the age of 19, Elfman has established himself as a fixture among the greatest film composers alongside Hans Zimmer or John Williams. However, among the soundtrack masters Elfman stands out for the distinctive character he lends his scores. With him, tubas and trombones play at a breakneck speed and violins are put through Paganini-like paces. And every soundtrack has its own unique idea which captivates the imagination of moviegoers over and over again.

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