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Rabbit & Rogue

Sony Classical announces the release of Rabbit & Rogue (Limited Deluxe Edition) on June 2nd, 2017. This Limited Deluxe Edition offers a variety of insights to the production of his first ballet score, including a bonus DVD with an exclusive interview with Danny Elfman.

"The creation of this ballet score was done hand in hand with a remarkable woman, Twyla Tharp. Every note, every beat. She encouraged me, challenged me, cajoled me, and even fed me. It was one of the best times I have ever had working. For her trust in me I will be forever grateful. I dedicate this recording to her." (Danny Elfman)

Rabbit & Rogue is Danny Elfman's first ballet score, which he created for Twyla Tharps' choreography for the American Ballet Theater. By all accounts, Elfman wrote a score that wears his admiration for the Russian ballet masters, such as Stravinsky and Prokofiev, proudly on its sleeve.

ABOUT THE BALLET - Rabbit & Rogue is the fifteenth commission of choreographer Twyla Tharp for American Ballet Theatre. The ballet features a mischievous pair of principal men in a disconnected, virtual world. They encounter two couples and their supporting ensembles – one tumultuous, one harmonious. 

With the advancements in consumer video technology, Tharp was able to utilize video during the rehearsal of Rabbit & Rogue more extensively than with previous projects. By editing and collaging rehearsal footage, Tharp was able to approximate the timing and positions on stage in order to maximize the performers' limited rehearsal time.

Rabbit & Rogue was given its World Premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House, NY in June 2008, danced by Herman Cornejo, Ethan Stiefel, Paloma Herrera, Gennadi Saveliev, Gillian Murphy and David Hallberg.