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Danish String Quartet

Prism III - Beethoven / Bartok / Bach


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1 Beethoven - String Quartet No. 14 In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 131 / Adagio ma non troppo e molto 08:08  
2 Allegro molto vivace 03:00  
3 Allegro moderato ? Adagio 00:50  
4 Andante ma non troppo e molto 14:47  
5 Presto 05:15  
6 Adagio quasi un poco andante 02:28  
7 Allegro 06:47  
8 Bartok - String Quartet No. 1, Op. 7 Sz. 40 / Lento 10:23  
9 Allegretto 08:37  
10 Introduzione. Allegro 01:42  
11 Allegro vivace 10:26  
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This is the third volume of the Danish String Quartet's ongoing Prism series, which shows how the radiance of Bach's fugues is refracted through Beethoven's quartets to illuminate the work of later composers.  "Beethoven had taken a fundamentally linear development from Bach," the Danes note, "and exploded everything into myriads of different colours, directions and opportunities – much in the same way as a prism splits a beam of light. We hope the listener will join us in the wonder of these beams of music that travel all the way from Bach through Beethoven as far as to our own times." Here the quartet follows the beam from Johann Sebastian Bach's Fugue in c-sharp minor through Ludwig van Beethoven's String Quartet no.14, op. 131 to Béla Bartók's String Quartet No.1.  

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