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Daniil Trifonov


Deutsche Grammophon

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Daniil Trifonov Liszt 12 Transcendental Etudes
Liszt: Grandes Etudes De Paganini, S.141, No.3 In G-Sharp Minor - La Campanella
Daniil Trifonov - Living the Classical Life:
Daniil Trifonov 2018 debut in Taiwan
1 Liszt: Etudes in C major - Preludio  
2 Liszt: Etudes in A minor  
3 Liszt: Etudes in F major - Paysage  
4 Liszt: Etudes in D minor - Mazeppa  
5 Liszt: Etudes in B flat major - Feux follets  
6 Liszt: Etudes in G minor - Vision  
7 Liszt: Etudes in E flat major - Eroica  
8 Liszt: Etudes in C minor - Wilde Jagd  
9 Liszt: Etudes in A flat major - Ricordanza  
10 Liszt: Etudes in F minor  
11 Liszt: Etudes in D flat major - Harmonies du soir  
12 Liszt: Etudes in B flat minor - Chasse-neige  
13 Liszt: Etudes - Waldesrauschen  
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Daniil Trifonov is one of the few pianists to have recorded Liszt's concert Études in one concentrated period and the first to record them in full for Deutsche Grammophon. He set down his visionary interpretations within the space of five days, a feat in keeping with the tireless energy and superhuman spirit of Liszt himself. Trifonov's approach to Liszt is informed by the legacy of the Russian school of piano playing in which he was raised and by his profound understanding of the composer's musical language. "Liszt's technical virtuosity is just a means to evoke extremes of emotion," observes Trifonov. "His daring harmonic and structural innovations revealed new horizons for emotional and psychological expression in music. His compositions can be described as dynamic depictions of the spiritual experiences of a Romantic soul."

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