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1 A Rainha Do Axe e
2 Maria Casaria
3 America Do Amor
4 Alegria E Lamento
5 To o Samba Da Vida
6 Sem Argumento
7 Frogs In The Sky
8 De Deus, De Alah, De Gilberto Gil
9 Extranhos Terrestres
10 Antropofa agicos Sa ao Paulistanos
11 O Riso De Deus
12 Vinil Virtual
13 Tre es Vozes
14 Minha Ma ae, Minha Patria
15 Senhora Do Terreiro
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Daniela Mercury is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and record producer. Since her breakthrough, Mercury has become one of the best known Brazilian female singers, selling over 20 million albums worldwide.  She is also the Brazilian female performer with most #1 hits in the country, with 14. Mercury's self-titled debut album was released in 1991 through independent record company Eldorado. The lead single of the album, "Swing da Cor", which features Olodum, became a number-one hit in Brazil, and the album was soon known as Swing da Cor. Another song from the album, "Menino do Pelô", which also features Olodum, became Mercury's second top-ten hit in Brazil, charting at number four. Daniela Mercury has had been on an amazing career path spanning 3 decades of Brazilian/World Music creativity, and now with the release of her new album Virtual Vinyl she is once again poised to reach the Top of the Charts.

11 NEW  104 TOTAL
Direct: SiriusXM, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cleveland, Houston, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Denver, San Diego, Boulder CO, San Antonio, Berkeley CA, Albuquerque, Orlando FL, Raleigh NC, Montreal, Canada
Online: Taintradio, NewWorldBuzz, BestOfBrazil, GURU, Jazz From Gallery 41, Jazz Weekly, SoulandJazz, worldbeat canada
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