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Daniel Hope, Alexey Botvinov


Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: October 28, 2022

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Silvestrov: Melodies of the Moments - Cycle III: I. Lullaby
1 Lullaby  
2 Barcarole  
3 Lullaby  
4 Nostalghia  
5 Elegy  
6 Barcarole  
7 Musical Moment  
8 Moments of Chopin  
9 Andantino  
10 Andantino  
11 Melodies of the Moments - Cycle VI  
12 Prelude (Birth of the Melody)  
13 Lullaby  
14 Serenade  
15 Epigraph  
16 Moderato  
17 Allegro assai con moto  
18 Allegro vivace con moto  
19 Larghetto  
20 Moderato  
21 Moderato  
22 Andantino con moto  
23 Allegretto con moto  
24 Moderato con moto  
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Valentin Silvestrov’s exquisite music has attracted global attention in recent months. The sights and sounds of war were part of the Ukrainian composer’s childhood in Nazi-occupied Kyiv. They returned to haunt him eighty years later as Russian missiles announced the shocking start of a new invasion, one directed against an independent Ukraine by its hostile neighbour. Earlier this year violinist Daniel Hope and pianist Alexey Botvinov, himself an enforced exile from Odessa, greeted the composer in Berlin, his place of refuge. The duo’s high-profile performance and fundraising EP of his music prepared the ground for their latest album for Deutsche Grammophon – set for release today – an all-Silvestrov programme complete with the world premiere recording of Pastorales 2020 and a selection of ineffably beautiful companion pieces. They share their reflections on the composer and why his music matters now more than ever.

You planned to record this album of Silvestrov’s music long before Russia invaded Ukraine. Can you sketch its origins and describe the circumstances in which it was made?

Daniel Hope: I’ve visited and performed in Odessa for the past eight years thanks to Alexey Botvinov and his Odessa Classics Festival. I fell in love with the place and felt an instant connection to it. My teachers and violinistic heroes are all connected to Odessa, like so many great musicians. Alexey and I thought it would be wonderful to commission a piece by a Ukrainian composer to perform at the 2020 Festival. Without hesitation, he said, “What about Silvestrov?” It never even occurred to me to ask him, as he’s so famous and so busy. I didn’t believe we’d be able to get him to do it. But Alexey did ask him and he came straight back and said, “Yes, I want to do something.” It was incredible.

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