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Daniel Hart

Interview With The Vampire-Original TV Soundtrack

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: October 28, 2022

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1 Overture  
2 Interview with the Orchestra  
3 The World is a Savage Garden  
4 Viens A Moi  
5 Permanent Exile  
6 The Drum Was My Heart  
7 In Throes of Increasing Wonder  
8 The Sun Gives Life to Everything But Us – Shruti Kumar & Daniel Hart  
9 My Very Nature That of the Devil  
10 Claudia  
11 Charlie  
12 The Fantasy of Happiness  
13 Vicious – Daniel Hart feat. Damir Orascanin  
14 Are We the Sum of Our Worst Moments  
15 Come to Me – Daniel Hart feat. Sam Reid  
16 Hey Sis You Don’t Need Me  
17 To Beat Lestat You Have to Become Lestat  
18 Laudanum and Arsenic  
19 For a Young Violinist  
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Milan Records today releases ANNE RICE’S INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (ORIGINAL TELEVISION SERIES SOUNDTRACK), an album of music from the AMC series by acclaimed composer and performer DANIEL HART (The Green Knight, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete’s Dragon). Available everywhere now, the soundtrack finds Hart fully embracing the complexity of Anne Rice’s classic novel with a soaring, orchestral score befitting the lush, gothic tale of love and immortality. In addition to the album’s 18 instrumental tracks, Hart contributes an original vocal song performed by actor Sam Reid, who plays the infamous vampire Lestat in the series. At times delicately romantic and others hauntingly dramatic, Hart’s score coalesces into a musical collection as opulent and timeless as its source material. The first season of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire airs new episodes every Sunday at 10/9PM central on AMC with episodes streaming one week early on AMC+.

Of his score, composer DANIEL HART says, “What an honor it’s been to play a small part in the telling of these beautifully complex, resonant stories. [Executive Producer] Rolin Jones and I spoke at length about what kind of music Louis, Lestat, and Claudia should have this time around: from what instrumentation, melodies, and rhythms would suit them best to how we could best capture their love, their misery, their anger and more. From every joy to every cruelty and every heartbeat, I found their stories to be full of endless melodies. Music is such a huge part of these characters’ lives and journeys, and I feel lucky to have accompanied them in this way.”

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