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Daniel Bernard Roumain

Woodbox Beats & Balladry

Thirsty Ear

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Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) - Music from New Album Woodbox Beats & Balladry
Between Classes: Season 2, Episode 8, Daniel Bernard Roumain
DBR (Daniel Bernard Roumain)


1 Spaceships Over Haiti  
2 Sonata For Violin and Turntables, Part 4  
3 Simone  
4 Armstrong  
5 Sonata For Violin and Turntables, Part 6  
6 Moonshine  
7 Sonata For Violin and Turntables, Park 2  
8 JMDL  
9 Sonata For Violin and Turntables, Part 1  
10 The Loss  
11 Slowly Fooled  
12 Our Country  
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Haitian-American violinist/composer Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) continues to establish himself as one of today's most relevant artists on the contemporary classical music scene. An innovative violinist, composer, performer, re-mixer, and band leader, DBR has won world-wide acclaim for his eclecticism and fearless exploration, whether through extended violin techniques, the infusion of electronics, or in his perspectives on the definition of chamber music. On Woodbox Beats & Balladry (Thirsty Ear Recordings), his profusion of classical composing and performing talents are uniquely exposed.

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