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Danae Xanthe Vlasse


Cezanne Producciones
Release Date: August 6, 2021

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1 Sirens
2 Poseidon Odysseus
3 Penelope
4 Nepenthe
5 Euterpes Lament
6 Metamorphoses
7 Sirens (Cinematic)
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Danaë Xanthe Vlasse is an award-winning composer and pianist, born in France to a Greek father and French mother. Her music encompasses art song, chamber music, works for solo piano and choral pieces.  Following a deeply fulfilling collaboration on her 2020 album Poème, which celebrated Danaë's French upbringing, Mythologies is a creative exploration of Ms. Vlasse's Greek heritage, bringing its well-known myths into the realm of contemporary classical music, in the voices of sopranos Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kaur, joined by a select group of acclaimed instrumentalists, including the composer herself at the piano in four of the pieces. While inspired by ancient stories and characters, Mythologies is a timeless expression of ideas so deeply ingrained in our culture that they become a fair reflection of our present, and project well into the future.

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