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Damian Lewis

Mission Creep

Decca Records
Release Date: June 16, 2023

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She Comes
‘She Make Me Change’ at Union Chapel
‘Harvest Moon’ at Union Chapel
Down on the Bowery
She Comes
1 Down on the Bowery  
2 Soho Tango  
3 Hole In My Roof  
4 Harvest Moon  
5 My Little One  
6 She Comes  
7 After Midnight  
8 Zaragoza  
9 Never Judge A Man By His Umbrella  
10 Wanna Grow Old In Paris  
11 Makin' Plans  
12 Why  
13 Such A Night  
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Decca Records UK is thrilled to release the debut album from Damian Lewis, out now. Entitled Mission Creep, the album features debut single ‘Down On The Bowery’, bluesy ‘Zaragoza’ and new single ‘She Comes.’ The album is available now on all digital formats and blue color vinyl.

Speaking about the release of his debut album, Damian Lewis explains: “My album Mission Creep was written at a very particular time in my life. So sure, there are some personal, tender sounds in here, but my first real music love was 50s rock ‘n’ roll and so I hope there’s songs that are gonna make you wanna sing and dance too. It’s rootsy and bluesy and recorded with my magnificent band who bring a jazz vibe with them, but it ain’t a jazz album. It’s… well… a collection of songs with a varied vibe, held together beautifully by my producer, Giacomo Smith. We’re really proud of it and we’re excited to share it with the world. Am I nervous? Sure. But ‘He who dares, wins, Rodney, he who dares, wins…’”

The album’s origin story begins when Lewis, after leaving school, swapped the rigorous day-to-day regime that had dominated his life for 10 years for something altogether less structured. He took to the road with his guitar and went busking through continental Europe. This experience has stayed with Damian ever since and is reflected in his debut album.

Acting of course took over, and took off. Lewis kept his hand in, playing the odd wrap party as part of a scratch band, but the idea of actually making a record only came to him during Lockdown. With the time and space away from a busy acting schedule the star was able to throw himself into playing and writing songs, and the ideas started to flow. Damian was taken back to the time he played the guitar every day, but with the additional maturity and experience that an eventful life has given him. 

“I wanted the album to give a sense of a journey to this point, from busking ‘til now.” – Damian Lewis

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