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Cypress String Quartet

Beethoven: The Middle Quartets


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The Cypress String Quartet's 'Call and Response' program at Community Music Center
From WGBH- Boston / Drive Time Live: CSQ plays Barber's


Interview with KHFM's Brent Stevens / part 1
Interview with KHFM's Brent Stevens / part 2
Interview with KQAC's John Pittman
Interview with WCVE's Mike Goldberg
1 String Quartet Op.59 No.1 - Allegro
2 String Quartet Op.59 No.1 - Allegro vivace e sempre scherzando
3 String Quartet Op.59 No.1 - Adagio molto e mesto
4 String Quartet Op.59 No.1 - Allegro (Theme Russe)
5 String Quartet Op.59 No.2 - Allegro
6 String Quartet Op.59 No.2 - Molto adagio
7 String Quartet Op.59 No.2 - Allegretto
8 String Quartet Op.59 No.2 - Finale: Presto
9 String Quartet Op.59 No.3 - Introduzione: Andante con moto - Allegro vivace
10 String Quartet Op.59 No.3 - Andante con moto, quasi allegretto
11 String Quartet Op.59 No.3 - Menuetto: Grazioso - Trio
12 String Quartet Op.59 No.3 - Allegro molto
13 String Quartet Op.74 - Poco adagio - Allegro
14 String Quartet Op.74 - Adagio ma non troppo
15 String Quartet Op.74 - Presto
16 String Quartet Op.74 - Allegretto con variazioni
17 String Quartet Op.95 - Allegro con brio
18 String Quartet Op.95 - Allegretto ma non troppo
19 String Quartet Op.95 - Allegro assai vivace, ma serioso
20 String Quartet Op.95 - Larghetto espressivo - Allegretto agitato
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The Cypress String Quartet (Cecily Ward, violin; Tom Stone, violin; Ethan Filner, viola; and Jennifer Kloetzel, cello) has steeped itself in performing Beethoven's string quartets over the last 18 years and now releases Beethoven's Middle Quartets, Op. 59 Nos. 1, 2, and 3 (the "Razumovsky" Quartets); Op. 74 ("The Harp"); and Op. 95 (Quartetto serioso) via AVIE Records. The 3-CD set was recorded at Skywalker Sound by Mark Willsher and produced by Cecily Ward, and Cellist Jennifer Kloetzel says, "Hardly a week has passed that we haven't been studying or performing one of Beethoven's string quartets. Our first 12 years together were spent exploring, performing, and crafting our ‘take' on the Late Quartets and then we made the choice to move backwards in time to these robust, earthy pieces – the Middle Quartets – so rich and massive after the more spiritual Late Quartets."

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