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Craig Taborn

Shadow Plays


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1 Bird Templars  
2 Discordia Concors  
3 Conspiracy Of Things  
4 Concordia Discors  
5 A Code With Spells  
6 Shadow Play  
7 Now In Hope  
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Ten years have passed since Craig Taborn's Avenging Angel album was released, bringing strikingly fresh ideas to the solo piano idiom.  "It reflects Mr Taborn's galactically-broad interests," said the New York Times, "along with his multifaceted technique," while the Guardian saluted Craig's "world of whispered, wide-spaced figures, ringing overtones, evaporating echoes and glowering contrapuntal cascades". In the interim Taborn has appeared in ECM contexts large and small.  We've heard him in his trio with Thomas Morgan and Gerald Cleaver on Chants and in his Daylight Ghosts quartet  with  Chris Speed, Chris Lightcap and Dave King.  He's played piano duets with Vijay Iyer on The Transitory Poems, performed Ches Smith's music on The Bell, contributed to Roscoe Mitchell's AACM tribute Bells for the South Side, and to Chris Potter's music for ensemble and strings on Imaginary Cities. Alongside all of these activities, the solo music has continued to gather strength.

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