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Cowboy Junkies

At The End of Paths Taken


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Cowboy Junkies 'Cutting Board Blues' Live at KDHX 4/18/12
Cowboy Junkies - Interview


1 Brand New World  
2 Still Lost  
3 Cutting Board Blues  
4 Spiral Down  
5 My Little Basquait  
6 Someday Soon  
7 Follower 2  
8 It Really Doesn't Matter Anyway  
9 Anyway  
10 Blue Eyed Saviour  
11 Mountain  
12 My Only Guarantee  
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Cowboy Junkies: At the End of Paths Taken, is as much about new beginnings as it is about endings. It's about human connections, and the complexities to sustain and maintain them over time. In other words, this is a classic Cowboy Junkies album a suite of smart, richly textured songs that prize insight and casual revelations over easily digestible cliches.

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