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Playground in a Lake

Deutsche Grammophon

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Lambent Rag
1 Lovelock  
2 Lambent Rag  
3 Citrus  
4 Forever Chemicals  
5 More Islands  
6 Small  
7 Disguised Foundation  
8 Suspension Reservoir  
9 Entropy Polychord  
10 Aura Nera  
11 Already Ghosts  
12 Earth Systems  
13 Emissary  
14 Comfort and Fear  
15 Budapest Art Orchestra, Peter Pejtsik, Rakhi Singh  
16 Shut You Down  
17 Life Outro  
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On 26 March 2021 the ambitiously multifaceted musician/composer Clark presents his chillingly affecting ninth studio album Playground In A Lake, on which he broadens horizons and tries new things, with profound results. An intriguingly suggestive title, esoteric concept(s) and disparately unusual but cohesively fused components are chiselled into an effective, concise and painstakingly curated whole. Released as a single on 26 January, "Small" will offer a first glimpse into Clark's playground. Soloist Nathaniel Timoney delivers a grim message with an angelic ring and a haunting hook on one of the few vocal tracks of the upcoming album.

With its orchestral tropes and release on Deutsche Grammophon, Playground In A Lake may seem a departure to the casual observer, but is in fact a more illuminated development of clues from past releases. Seeds planted in Kiri Variations' bucolic noir, the piano vignettes from Clarence Park, the folky wonder of Iradelphic, the strings on Body Riddle and Clark's skewed symphonic rework of Max Richter's Path 5 have all grown in prominence and vivid detail

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