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Cistercian Monks|Timna Brauer-Elias Meiri Ensemble

Chant for Peace

Deutsche Grammophon

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The Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz/ Timna Brauer - Chant for Peace (Trailer)
1 Traditional: Ani Tzame Psalm 122 (121) 'Laetatus sum'
2 Missa pro Pace: Introitus - Da pacem, Domine
3 Missa pro Pace: Alleluia - Lauda, Jerusalem
4 Missa pro Pace: Offertorium - Laudate Dominum
5 Missa pro Pace: Communio - Pacem relinquo vobis
6 Moni Amarilio: Libavtini
7 Gil Aldema: Ana Pana Dodech
8 Traditional: Kyrie fons bonitatis
9 Sarah Levi Tanai: El Ginat Egoz
10 Missa pro Virgine tantum: Introitus - Dilexisti iustitiam
11 Missa pro Virgine tantum: Alleluia - Diffusa est gratia
12 Missa pro Virgine tantum: Offertorium - Filiae regum
13 Missa pro Virgine tantum: Communio - Quinque prudentes virgines
14 Ani Ma'Amin
15 Halleluia
16 Canticum 'Alleluia'
17 Hymnus 'Urbs Ierusalem'
18 Sar Hamemune
19 Im Nin' Alu
20 Benedictus (Cantum Zachariae)
21 Tur Manoti
22 Deror Yikra
23 Hymnus 'Te lucis ante terminum'
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Seven years ago the Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz in Austria became the unlikeliest of musical superstars when their album of Gregorian plainsong became a worldwide hit. Now Deutsche Grammophon presents the million-selling monks in a unique collaboration – an historic project uniting the Jewish and Christian faiths through the power of music. The new album, Chant for Peace, mixes the Cistercian brothers' ancient plainchant with Old Testament texts sung by Timna Brauer, a celebrated Jewish singer who has represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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