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Christopher Tin chats with 89.7WCPE

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Interview with WCPE's Rob Kennedy

Recognized as the first artist to win a Grammy Award for music written for a video game, composer Christopher Tin has released a new album titled 'To Shiver the Sky' which marks Tin's major label debut after signing to Decca Gold. 

To Shiver the Sky, is "an oratorio about the history of flight, and mankind's quest to conquer the heavens," explains Tin. The ambitious 11-track album will also mirror that story with the parallel evolution of Western classical music. Tin ultimately settled on eleven historical figures which are "our greatest astronomers, inventors, visionaries and pilots," he details. Each of whom serve as the basis for a composition, adding up to a kaleidoscopic epic that crosses centuries, continents, and perspectives. 

The first single Sogno di Volare ("The Dream of Flight") is a new recording of Tin's beloved theme to the popular game Civilization VI, a choral setting of Leonardo da Vinci's writings on flight. "The inspirational main theme serves as a recurring motif throughout the album, periodically returning after moments of darkness and despair," recalls Tin. 

Tin talks with 89.7WCPE - Wake Forest NC about the album. Listen to thr attached interview