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Christopher Tin: Bio

CHRISTOPHER TIN's work covers diverse terrain: from thrilling fusions of orchestral and world music, to brooding reinventions of 90s electronica, to award-winning scores for film, video games, and commercials. Following his undergraduate education at Stanford University, Tin won a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the Royal College of Music in London where he earned a MMus with Distinction, winning the Horovitz Composition Prize. His music has been performed by orchestras including the National Symphony, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and Metropole Orchestra. His music for video games includes Civilization IV and Pirates Of The Caribbean Online, in addition to working on Hollywood blockbusters X2: X-Men United and Lilo and Stitch 2, and a host of independent features, documentaries and TV specials. Major advertising clients include Puma, Verizon, and The Gap, and others. His compositions can also be heard as the startup sound for Microsoft's Surface operating system, and a demo song for Apple's Garage Band software, now found on every new Mac computer. 

1 Sogno di Volare  
2 The Heavenly Kingdom  
3 Daedalus and Icarus  
4 The Fall  
5 Astronomy  
6 To the Stars  
7 Oh, the Humanity  
8 Courage  
9 Become Death  
10 The Power of the Spirit  
11 We Choose to Go to the Moon  
To Shiver the Sky: An Inside Look
Astronomy (Score Animation)
Classic 107 Interview
Christopher Tin at the Nominee Reception


Recognized as the first artist to win a Grammy Award for music written for a video game, composer Christopher Tin will release a new album titled To Shiver the Sky on August 21. This album will mark Tin's major label debut after signing to Decca Gold. 

The first single Sogno di Volare ("The Dream of Flight") is a new recording of Tin's beloved theme to the popular game Civilization VI, a choral setting of Leonardo da Vinci's writings on flight. "The inspirational main theme serves as a recurring motif throughout the album, periodically returning after moments of darkness and despair," recalls Tin. 

To Shiver the Sky, is "an oratorio about the history of flight, and mankind's quest to conquer the heavens," explains Tin. The ambitious 11-track album will also mirror that story with the parallel evolution of Western classical music. Tin ultimately settled on eleven historical figures which are "our greatest astronomers, inventors, visionaries and pilots," he details. Each of whom serve as the basis for a composition, adding up to a kaleidoscopic epic that crosses centuries, continents, and perspectives.