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Christopher O'Riley

hold me to this

World Village

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You - Christopher O'Riley plays Radiohead
Christopher O'Riley- Like Spinning Plates (Radiohead Piano Cover)
Christopher O'Riley on Q TV
1 there there 4:05  
2 nice dream 3:40  
3 no suprises 3:26  
4 polyethylene part II 3:03  
5 how i made my millions 3:22  
6 like spinning plates 3:31  
7 sail to the moon 3:54  
8 the tourist 4:10  
9 cuttooth 5:11  
10 2+2=5 3:16  
11 talk show host 7:09  
12 gagging order 3:18  
13 paranoid android 5:36  
14 street spirit 5:02  
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Hold Me To This: Christopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead is virtuoso pianist Christopher O'Riley's second album of solo piano interpretations of recordings by the progressive English rock band Radiohead. Like True Love Waits, Mr. O'Riley's first album devoted to Radiohead repertoire, the new album's performances were developed from his own meticulous transcriptions of Radiohead records. Unlike its predecessor which comprised personal favorites, Hold Me To This interprets a number of rarities, tracks never released on the band's full-length CDs.

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New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle (ADI) Berkeley, Cincinatti, New Orleans, Kansas City, Tucson, Honolulu


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