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Christian Loffler


Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: November 27, 2020

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1 Parsifal  
2 Moldau  
3 Dir Jehova  
4 Gavotte  
5 Nocturne  
6 Nadir  
7 Pastoral  
8 Fate  
9 Freiyheit  
10 Funebre  
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Invited to experiment with Deutsche Grammophon's Shellac Project – a collection of digitized material restored from early 20th-century 78s in a collaborative initiative with Google Arts & Culture – German musician, visual artist and producer Christian Löffler has created his own experimental electronica tribute to Beethoven. Löffler's digital EP Parallels (Beethoven), featuring "Pastoral", "Fate", "Freiyheit" and "Funebre", released on 27 November 2020 on the Yellow Label.

"When listening to the recordings, I got the idea that Beethoven's music was actually very human and accessible but became somewhat unearthly with decades of replaying and overthinking it," Löffler  explains. "I wanted to bring it back to the very basic feels."

The artist was given open access to the Shellac Project by Deutsche Grammophon – he took the complete set of recordings to his log-cabin studio on Germany's Darss peninsula and started improvising around individual tracks.

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