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Chris Haugen - First Light. You really can't ask for more / Mainly Piano

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First Light begins with the title track, a piece that reflects the stillness and peace of a brand new day. The "official" video for this piece is visually stunning and illustrates the music beautifully. "Waves" reflects on the ocean at its most serene with a lazy surf and beams of light dancing on the water. More ambient than melodic, it's almost as relaxing as a walk on the beach. "Peaceful Dream" is also very ambient and moves with the rhythm of someone's breathing while in a deep sleep. "Distant Shores" ups the tempo a little for a daydream about what life might be like on the other side of the water. Layered guitars take us on a journey through the imagination. I'd love to see a video for "Fjord," which seems to very effectively describe the majesty of a fjord and the smooth peacefulness of the water that flows through it - a favorite. "Wanderlust" is by far the longest piece on the album at a little over 10 minutes. With a relaxed, easy pace on the guitar and atmospheric synth background sounds, it's a soft and dreamy journey to anywhere your mind wants to go. "Path of Light" brings the album to a quiet and gentle close, leaving the listener feeling refreshed, uplifted and ready to move forward. You really can't ask for more!