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Charles Fernandez

The Statue

Trone Music

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Charles Fernandez - Animatus Eventus: Movement I
MEL BROOKS MEDLEY by Charles Fernandez and Friends


1 Prologue  
2 Opening  
3 Sorceress/Transformation  
4 Lovers Lament  
5 Town Goers Dance  
6 Minion's Town's Visit  
7 Lovers Dance  
8 Minions Dance  
9 Chase/Sorceress's Death  
10 Finale  
11 Soulmate Found  
12 Soldier's Farewell  
13 Processional  
14 Recessional  
15 Amazing Grace  
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The Statue by Charles Fernandez is the composer's Debut CD. Leading the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the "Music from The Statue and other works for Orchestra," was commissioned and debuted by the Bakersfield Camerata in California, and was an immediate success with audiences during performances in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Hong Kong. Each work on the CD was composed, orchestrated and conducted by Mr. Fernandez.

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Markets include: Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Portland, Tampa, Austin, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Columbus OH, Madison WI, Tampa, Honolulu, Rochester NY, Canada

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