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Charles Fernandez

Sentimental and Animated

Trone Music

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Animatus Eventus at Tarleton University
Charles Fernandez - Animatus Eventus: Movement I
MEL BROOKS MEDLEY by Charles Fernandez and Friends


1 Ratso Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra  
2 Tone Poem for Clarinet and Strings  
3 Oboe Concerto Movement I  
4 Oboe Concerto Movement II  
5 Oboe Concerto Movement III  
6 The Beast  
7 If No One Ever Marries Me  
8 Rules  
9 Animatus Eventus: Opening  
10 Animatus Eventus: Obscure Frolic  
11 Animatus Eventus: Finale  
12 Candy From a Baby  
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With the composer Charles Fernandez at the helm of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sentimental and Animated is a collection of various works. From the more Classical "Tone Poem for Clarinet and Strings" and the three movement "Oboe Concerto," to the more theatrical "Songs from a Child's Point of View, the overall piece, is based on Children's Poems and with soprano Melissa Fahn to the more animated "Ratso Scherzo" for piano and orchestra and Animatus Eventus, a three movement homage to cartoon music past and present.

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