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Chad Lawson

You Finally Knew

Decca Records

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1 What Gorgeous Thing  
2 Stay  
3 One Day You Finally Knew  
4 Waltz in B Minor  
5 Across the Distance  
6 Rain  
7 Ballade in A Minor  
8 She Dreams of Time  
9 In the Waiting  
10 Prelude in D Major  
11 I Wish I Were Close  
12 I Wrote You A Song  
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Pianist and composer Chad Lawson releases his new solo piano album, You Finally Knew, recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios. "You Finally Knew is an invitation of self-reflection," explained Chad Lawson. "Beckoning us to pause and look inside ourselves, to see what makes each of us uniquely us. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be honest with ourselves as we unintentionally set aside even the smallest life-giving activities to address everyday obligations."

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