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RENT - Live FOXTV Event

Sony - Masterworks Broadway

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1 Tune Up #1  
2 Voice Mail #1  
3 Tune Up #2  
4 Rent  
5 You Okay Honey?  
6 Tune Up #3  
7 One Song Glory  
8 Light My Candle  
9 Today 4 You  
10 You'll See  
11 Voice Mail #2  
12 Tango: Maureen  
13 Life Support  
14 Out Tonight  
15 Another Day  
16 Will I?  
17 On The Street  
18 Santa Fe  
19 I'll Cover You  
20 We're Okay  
21 Christmas Bells  
22 Over The Moon  
23 La Vie Boheme  
24 I Should Tell You  
25 La Vie Boheme B  
26 Seasons Of Love  
27 Happy New Year  
28 Voice Mail #3  
29 Happy New Year B  
30 Take Me Or Leave Me  
31 Without You  
32 Voice Mail #4  
33 Contact  
34 I'll Cover You (Reprise)  
35 Halloween  
36 Goodbye Love  
37 What You Own  
38 Voice Mail #5  
39 Finale  
40 Your Eyes  
41 Finale B  
42 Seasons Of Love (Finale)  
43 Curtain Call  
44 Seasons Of Love (Radio Edit)  
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Sony Masterworks Broadway announces today's release of RENT – ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK OF THE FOX TELEVISION EVENT, featuring music from the Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical RENT, as performed by the star-studded cast of FOX's television event, the soundtrack is produced by Stephen Oremus, executive-produced by Marc Platt and co-produced by Derik Lee.

The soundtrack features performances by actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens (Maureen Johnson), singer/songwriter Jordan Fisher (Mark Cohen), recording artist Tinashe (Mimi Marquez), actress Kiersey Clemons (Joanne Jefferson), newcomer and singer/songwriter Brennin Hunt (Roger Davis), R&B/Pop superstar Mario (Benjamin Coffin III), performer Valentina (Angel Dumont Schunard) and Emmy nominee and Tony Award winner Brandon Victor Dixon (Tom Collins).  Additionally, Keala Settleperforms the iconic solo from "Seasons of Love."

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