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Carter Burwell, Roomful Of Teeth + Misty Miller

Catherine Called Birdy

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: October 7, 2022

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Official Trailer
1 Alright – Misty Miller  
2 Introductions  
3 Questioning Birdy  
4 Honey To The Bee – Misty Miller  
5 Aelis Arrives  
6 The Book of Catherine  
7 A Gift from Uncle George  
8 Connection – Misty Miller  
9 Suitor Montage  
10 The First Suitor Calls  
11 Criers  
12 My Boyfriend’s Back – Misty Miller  
13 I Blame The Eel Pie  
14 A Medieval Wedding  
15 Girl On Fire – Misty Miller  
16 We Don’t Get to Choose  
17 Truest Passions  
18 Fade Into You – Misty Miller  
19 What Really is a Virgin?  
20 The Virgins Suite  
21 Sweet Dream – Shuga  
22 Birdy Is Leaving  
23 Birdy Song – Bella Ramsey  
24 Reprieved  
25 Young Turks – Misty Miller  
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Milan Records today announces the October 7 release of CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY (AMAZON ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK), an album of music featured in the new film by writer and director Lena Dunham. Available for preorder now, the album features an eclectic array of music from a team of talented musicians and artists. Award-winning composer CARTER BURWELL contributes an original score performed by GRAMMY Award-winning ensemble ROOMFUL OF TEETH, whose vocal performances provide the foundation for the film’s larger sonic landscape. Also included on the soundtrack are 7 cover songs, which have been reinterpreted in the Medieval tradition by executive music producers Luis Felber and Matt Alchin and performed by UK singer-songwriter MISTY MILLER. Making its debut today as the album’s lead single is a cover of Supergrass hit “Alright,” which was featured heavily in the film’s official trailer – listen to the track in full HERE. Rounding out the collection’s 25 tracks are two original tracks performed by the film’s lead Bella Ramsey and Shuga. Catherine Called Birdy is available in select theaters now and will debut exclusively on Prime Video Friday, October 7 in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

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