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The Carr-Petrova Duo #50Days4Refugees releases; Quick Facts: Behnam from Afghanistan

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The Novel Voices Refugee Aid Project, created and directed by the Carr-Petrova Duo, is a project designed to give voice and visibility, through music and film, to the lives and struggles of both local and international refugee communities, and to encourage audiences and artists alike to become connected and involved. Since August 2018, it has brought free, interactive classical music concerts and workshops to displaced populations while increasing awareness of and raising support for both U.S.-based and international refugee-aid programs. 

From August 12th to October 1st, 2019, The Novel Voices Refugee Aid Project, and the Carr-Petrova Duo are launching #50Days4Refugees - a social media campaign which walks through our past year of travels with the Novel Voices Refugee Aid Project from start to finish. We are releasing a single story/image/clip a day in order to give our followers the chance to virtually travel with us, meeting and engaging with the people, places, life-stories, cultures, music, and organizations we encountered along the way. Follow us daily as we share our journey and highlight the activities, strengths, and specific needs of the organizations we partnered with - along with what we learned about ways anyone anywhere can get involved. 

Day 3: "Quick Facts: Behnam from Afghanistan"  

Behnam lives in the Sandvaad Refugee Camp and takes a bus every day for two hours to get to school. 

Behnam taught himself how to speak perfect English by watching youtube videos. 

Behnam dreams of becoming a pianist. He learned to read music in front of our disbelieving eyes in the span of a single 30-minute piano lesson. Watch the video.

The look and hugs Behnam gave Molly and Anna when they said goodbye nearly broke their hearts in two. They hold Behnam dear and hope that they will see him play again some day.