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Carlos Simon

Requiem for the Enslaved

Decca Records
Release Date: June 17, 2022

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1 I. invocation  
2 II. lord have mercy (let us go)  
3 kyrie  
4 interlude (Issac ran away)  
5 to be in that number  
6 III. we all found heaven  
7 IV. grant them rest  
8 interlude (i got shoes)  
9 remember me (spoken word interlude)  
10 V. remember me  
11 light everlasting interlude  
12 VI. light everlasting  
13 VII. deliver me  
14 VIII. gloria  
15 IX. shine upon them  
16 X. in paradisium (into paradise) ash  
17 light everlasting (solo piano version)  
18 in paradisium (instrumental version)  
19 we all found heaven (instrumental version)  
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Decca is proud to announce the signing of US composer Carlos Simon and the release of his new album Requiem for the Enslaved. The title work sees Simon infuse the traditional Catholic requiem with music from African American spirituals to create a haunting piece for chamber ensemble and spoken word.

The album’s central piece, Requiem for the Enslaved, with text by Marco Pavé, was commissioned by Georgetown University, where Simon is currently Assistant Professor of Composition, following a decision by its student body in 2020. A majority voted to establish a reparations fund to be paid to descendants of 272 enslaved people who were sold for $115,000 by the Maryland Jesuits, the founders of Georgetown, in 1838 to rescue the university from bankruptcy. This work honors the passing of those people purchased and sold by the founders. Upon receiving the commission, Simon visited the Louisiana cotton plantation that purchased the enslaved people and delved through the Georgetown archives for historical research as he began work on the piece. The album’s cover is inspired by this location.

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