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Bryce Dessner | Johnny Greenwood

St. Carolyn by the Sea | There Will Be Blood

Deutsche Grammophon

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Bryce Dessner: St. Carolyn by the Sea - Making Of
An Interview with Bryce Dessner ? Part 3


Interview with ABC - The Music Show / Andrew Ford
1 St. Carolyn by the Sea
2 Lachrimae
3 Raphael
4 Suite from There Will Be Blood - Open Spaces
5 Future Markets
6 HW/Hope of New Fields
7 Henry Plainview
8 Proven Lands
9 Oil
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Never before have classical and rock converged in so organic, compelling and sensual a way as they do in the three short orchestral works by New York composer and guitarist Bryce Dessner on his new release St. Carolyn by the Sea, performed with the Copenhagen Phil and conducted by André de Ridder. The same is true of Jonny Greenwood, the composer of a suite of six miniatures for the soundtrack of There Will Be Blood which rounds out the album. The pairing of Dessner and Greenwood on the disc didn't come about by chance, but because André de Ridder likes programming their music together, for live concerts too. The defining strand of the collaboration is not so much the similar musical backgrounds of Dessner and Greenwood, but more their mutual preoccupation with quintessentially American themes such as the vast expanses of the country's landscape, or a sense of nostalgic longing; themes which, previously, were largely the domain of other musical genres.

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