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Brisa Roche

The Chase

Metro Blue

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Brisa Roche - Mystery Man
Brisa Roche - Baby Shut Your Eyes
BRISA ROCHE Mystery Man (LCI live 2005)
Brisa Roche en interview: prendre de la distance
1 Airplane  
2 Mystery Man  
3 Dans Le Vert De Ses Yeux  
4 Billionaire  
5 Dial Me Up  
6 Warned  
7 Little Robot  
8 Torchlight  
9 A Luxury  
10 Baby Shut Your Eyes  
11 Coco  
12 Ride 600  
13 Flying Too High  
14 Sugarfight  
15 At The Shore  
16 Helmet Ray  
17 Now That It's Long Over  
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Children often pass through many phases as they decide what to be when they grow up. Long before Brisa Roche made The Chase, her sultry debut album for Metro Blue Records (Blue Note), the American-born, Parisian-based singer-songwriter knew that she was destined to be a musician. And through a variety of adventures, stretched across two continents, she never lost sight of that goal.

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