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Deep Sea Vents

Thirty Tigers
Release Date: April 8, 2024

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1 The Wild Whaling Life 4:21  
2 (My) Theory Of Everything 3:26  
3 Platypus Wow 3:49  
4 Phase Change 4:22  
5 Foreign Sounds 4:30  
6 The Wake Of St Brendan 3:40  
7 Deep Blue 3:22  
8 The Baited Line 2:35  
9 Barber Booty 3:05  
10 Deep Sea Vents 3:34  
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BrhyM, the collaborative project featuring Bruce Hornsby and the experimental chamber ensemble yMusic, have released their new album, Deep Sea Vents via Zappo Productions/Thirty Tigers. An album of 10 songs about water and the ways we live with, in, or against it, Deep Sea Vents is Hornsby and yMusic as you have never heard them but also instantly identifiable in their own ways. Hornsby’s instant melodic ease joins their rhythmic precision and endless versatility, pulling each toward new currents. The album was produced by Hornsby and Rob Moose and recorded in both Williamsburg, VA and in New York, NY. It features additional contributions from jazz legend Branford Marsalis, Mark Dover and drummer Chad Wright. 


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