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Bobby McFerrin + SLIXS & friends - VOCAbuLarieS - Wailers
Bobby McFerrin + SLIXS & friends - VOCAbuLarieS - The Garden
Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale
1 Baby  
2 Say Ladeo  
3 Wailers  
4 Messages  
5 The Garden  
6 He Ran To The Train  
7 Brief Eternity  
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VOCAbuLarieS is Bobby McFerrin music for the 21st century. It is unlike anything the 10-time Grammy-winner has ever recorded. An ambitious project several years in the making, it draws from the array of influences that have long contributed to McFerrin's innovative style - classical to world music, R&B to gospel and beyond - and recasts the world-renowned singer in a new framework defined by dense compositional detail, rich textures and complex arrangements. VOCAbuLarieS builds upon McFerrin's past explorations and journeys into expansive territory. The CD will be in stores April 6th on Decca.

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