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Binnie Klein

Orchard Song

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In These Trees Feat. Tartie
1 Orchard Song  

With a poignant animated lyric video to accompany the release, "Orchard" features David Baron's lush arrangement of strings (Alex Waterman), keys (Baron), and Tartie's emotional vocals. The song is an anthemic outcry about letting go, a theme that hits close to home during a time of global grieving. "Orchard" takes on an additional meaning as we face the devastation of climate change: The man who ravages the orchard thoughtlessly can stand in for our collective carelessness about our planet. But Klein's words remain hopeful and propel us forward, challenging us to not only heal but to evolve. "Orchard" is the first of a series of innovative collaborations between Binnie and a rotating mix of contributors. In These Trees invites you to participate in this alchemy of collaboration.

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