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Track Listing:

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
Sleigh Ride
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
White Christmas (feat. Pentatonix)
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Jingle Bells (with The Andrew Sisters feat. The Puppini Sisters)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Do You Hear What I hear
The Christmas Song
Little Drummer Boy (with David Bowie)
Twelve Days of Christmas (feat. The Puppini Sisters)
Winter Wonderland
The Christmas Song (feat. The Tenors)
White Christmas (Bing solo)

Bing Crosby :

Bing at Christmas


"Nobody ever knew that this simple little carol would touch everyone's hearts" – Kathryn Crosby 

On the anniversary of the untimely death of the world's first ‘multimedia' star Bing Crosby, October 14th sees his longtime record label, Decca, together with his widow Kathryn and their children, Harry, Mary, and Nathaniel Crosby, announce the November 22 CD and digital release of the brand new album, Bing at Christmas, via Decca/UMe.

Bing's is the voice that is completely synonymous with Christmas. Now, Bing's utterly distinctive original vocals are set to newly-recorded orchestral arrangements, performed by the UK's most prestigious orchestra, The London Symphony Orchestra, on an album that breathes new life into the best Christmas songs in existence. 

The new album gives the world the chance to hear these beloved tracks totally transformed, with today's technical advances. Produced by Nick Patrick, who was behind the hugely successful Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and Buddy Holly orchestral albums, Bing at Christmas boasts a unique sound and warmth that sets it apart from past Bing Crosby releases. 

As Kathryn Crosby explains, "Hearing Bing's voice with these completely new, beautifully recorded, orchestral accompaniments makes it seem as though he's back after all these years. It's magic." 

Included on the album is Bing's biggest hit, the 1942 Decca recording of ‘White Christmas.' This track is not only the epitome of Christmas in song, but the world's best-selling single, with sales in excess of 50 million copies worldwide and, more recently, achieving over 1.8 billion streams. With an average of 18 million streams on December 25th alone each year, 77 years since its original release the song remains essential listening at Christmas. It is also the most-recorded song of all time. Despite these staggering stats, the song has never been No. 1 in the UK. This year, the Crosby family wants to change that and, in Bing's memory, get this newly-orchestrated version to its rightful place in the UK charts. 

The song resonated especially strongly with listeners during World War II. It had a huge impact on people's lives, including young soldiers serving in the forces as well as their families back home. Just after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Bing introduced a broadcast of the single on Christmas Day 1941, which led to The Armed Forces Network being flooded with requests for the song. He then gave a live performance to thousands of G.I.s, many of whom were to lose their lives only a few days later in the Battle of the Bulge. At a time when people needed it the most, this simple song was extremely powerful in its healing qualities – and has continued to provide comfort to people all over the world for nearly 80 years.  

Joining Bing on an additional, special version of ‘White Christmas' is the multi-Grammy Award®-winning a cappella group Pentatonix, whose voices fit perfectly with Crosby's, their impeccable harmonies bringing further colour and depth to the track. Pentatonix has performed with some of the biggest names in the business, on the biggest TV shows, released several chart-topping Christmas albums and hosted their own Christmas TV specials for the last three years, so it is entirely fitting that they have been chosen for this collaboration. 

The album also features exquisite arrangements of ‘Winter Wonderland,' ‘It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas,' ‘The Christmas Song,' and ‘Little Drummer Boy,' on which David Bowie joins in a duet recorded in September 1977, just a month before Bing died. 

Bing at Christmas honors Bing Crosby's unparalleled legacy across music and entertainment, combining the authenticity of his original tracks with sumptuous, state-of-the-art recordings, transforming his best-loved holiday songs and returning them to the UK charts. 

Notes to Editors: Bing Crosby (1903-1977) is the most recorded performer in history. He made more than 2000 commercial recordings, including ‘White Christmas,' the best-selling record of all time, as well as thousands of other recordings for film, radio and television. Crosby has sold over one billion records, tapes, CDs, and digital downloads around the world. In the U.S., he scored 41 No. 1 records and his recordings reached the charts 396 times - more than Frank Sinatra (209) and Elvis Presley (149) combined. 

Films starring Bing Crosby are estimated to have sold over one billion tickets. Crosby won the Academy Award® for Best Actor for his performance in ‘Going My Way' in 1944. His films appeared on the annual Top 10 grossing films of the year list 29 times, and he was the No. 1 box office star from 1944 to 1948. He also received The Recording Academy's first Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award® in 1962 and a Peabody Award for his contributions to the television industry in 1970, but he might have been most proud to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, an honor he received posthumously in 1978.

Crosby was also a brilliant and innovative businessman, playing critical roles in the development of the magnetic tape recording and frozen foods industries. In the world of sports he founded Del Mar Race Track and the first Pro Am Golf tournament, and for many years was a part owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. 

Bing Crosby has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – one for recording, one for radio, and one for motion pictures.

He referred to himself as, "an average guy who could carry a tune."

PHOTOS (courtesy of the Crosby Family): Crosby Family at Christmas / Kathryn & Bing Crosby