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Bill Frisell

Guitar in the Space Age

Sony Masterworks | OKeh

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The Making of Guitar in the Space Age
Bill Frisell: Guitar In The Space Age! - Nevers D'Jazz Festival 2014
1 Baja
2 Bryant's Boogie
3 Cannonball Rag
4 Lift Off
5 Messin' with the Kid
6 Pipeline
7 Rebel Rouser
8 Reflections from the Moon
9 Rumble
10 Surfer Girl
11 Telstar
12 The Shortest Day
13 Tired of Waiting for You
14 Turn, Turn, Turn
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"May you never hear surf music again." – Jimi Hendrix

"Space is the place." – Sun Ra

Just when you think you've got guitarist-composer Bill Frisell all figured out, confident in your expectations, this American original shakes things up with a heretofore unexpected glimpse into those layers of consciousness which inform his rootsy, inclusive, oh so personal style of musical outreach. Because while Bill Frisell is capable of routinely navigating the most harrowing ascents into the outer reaches of the improvisational Ionosphere without once ever flinching, there emerge at regular intervals suggestions of something more childlike and elemental; a sensibility which revels in expressions of earnest, unadorned directness-the aesthetic poetry of an impressionistic painter who is unafraid to distill things down to their most folkish, heartfelt essence. 

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