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Bill Charlap Trio - Uptown Downtown / LEMON WIRE review

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Grammy Award-winning pianist, Bill Charlap has been a recording artist since 1993. In addition to making music for 20-plus years, Charlap has also found time to bring music to diverse, and perhaps underserved demographics. According to the artist's website, for just longer than a decade, he has served as artistic director of New York City's Jazz in July Festival. The musician also works as the Director of Jazz Studies at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. Charlap has recorded with notables such as Wynton Marsalis, Freddy Cole, Tony Bennett and others. It was for his work with Bennett that Charlap earned a Grammy in 2016.  Charlap formed his trio in 1997. The group is completed by Peter Washington on bass and Kenny Washington on drums.

All parts of the trio play a significant role in Bill Charlap Trio's new album, "Uptown Downtown." There is an up-and-down feel in the song's rhythm. Then, what sounds like groupings of triplet notes are played at different speeds over the haunting bassline. Actually, the bassline sounds more ominous when the triplets are played atop it. The drums neither overpower, nor do they get overshadowed by, the rest of the instrumentation. "Uptown Downtown" is set for release Sept. 8, 2017.  PHOTO: Andrea Canter