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Ben Rosenblum - Nebula Project

Kites and Strings

One Trick Dog

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1 Cedar Place  
2 Kites and Strings  
3 Halfway to Wonderland  
4 Motif From Brahms  
5 Fight or Flight  
6 Somewhere  
7 Philadelphia  
8 Bright About Us  
9 Laughing on the Inside  
10 Lzpoved  
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Ben Rosenblum doesn't just invite a diverse array of influences into his music. While his projects reflect his potent and deeply rooted point of view, the pianist, accordionist, composer and arranger positively thrives on a thrum of contrasting approaches. With Kites and Strings, his third album as a leader and the debut of the Ben Rosenblum Nebula Project, he's convened an exceptionally vivid cast of collaborators and provided them with a program of arrestingly beautiful pieces. Slated for release on October 16, 2020 via One Trick Dog, the album is the work of an artist who's found that his voice contains multitudes. Regularly employed by some of jazz's most revered masters, Rosenblum has already established a national profile as bandleader by logging thousands of miles on the road, playing some 100 gigs annually with his trio at clubs, theaters, schools and community centers, and relishing the opportunity to bring jazz into communities where fellow musicians rarely play. 

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