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Ben Plotnick


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Greenland - Ben Plotnick (feat. Kaitlyn Raitz)
1 On My Own (feat. Kelsey McNulty)  
2 Molly's Favorite  
3 Abandon Ship!  
4 Halfway down the Track (feat. Jamie Oliver)  
5 Fern Galley  
6 Greenland (feat. Kaitlyn Raitz)  
7 Train to Babylon  
8 Every Night When You're Lying Alone (feat. Jarred Albright & Claire Lecocq)  
9 Town and Country Times  
10 One Goodbye (feat. Angie Hilts) [A Toronto Love Song]  
11 K&k Waltz  
12 Red Wing  
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Nashville-based, Canadian-born fiddler Ben Plotnick is thrilled to release a new album of original Texas Swing material, entitled "Greenland". This virtuosic album is comprised of both original vocals and instrumentals, bringing elements of folk, country and bluegrass together in a classic swing sound. Co-produced by 5-time Juno award nominee - Andrew Collins, the disc features some of Canada's elite folk instrumentalists and vocalists, including musicians from the Slocan Ramblers, The Boxcar Boys, The Andrew Collins Trio and The Double Cuts, among others.

15 NEW  56 TOTAL
Out Of the Woods, Modern Jazz Today
Direct: Stingray
Markets include: New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Baltimore, Albuquerque, Knoxville, Madison WI, KS(Statewide), ME(Statewide), Montreal, Vancouver
INTER: Canada, Italy, Spain, Israel
Online: GreenArrow, SunMusic, Party934

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