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Ben MacDougall

Godfall (Music from the Video Game)

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks

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1 Aperion's Champion  
2 The Fall  
3 Land of the Valorians  
4 Temple of the Ancients  
5 The Warden  
6 Guardian  
7 Sanctuary  
8 A New World  
9 Crimson Glades  
10 The Vargul Tribes  
11 Prismatic Falls  
12 Alluvial Plains  
13 Bygone Ruins  
14 Ravenous Hunter  
15 Quiescent Dreams  
16 Sorcerer's End  
17 Ascending the Tower  
18 Master of the Tower  
19 Waters of Aperion  
20 Cobalt Caldera  
21 Call to Action  
22 Leviathan's Rest  
23 Abyssian Gaze  
24 Wisdom of the Deep Ones  
25 Warriors of Darkness  
26 The Ancient Depths  
27 The Silver Moon  
28 Song of Aperion  
29 Realm of the Nyak  
30 King of the Hunt  
31 Song of the Kindred  
32 The Storm  
33 The High Places  
34 Lords of Dawn and Dusk  
35 Aetheric Hymn  
36 Sunsteel  
37 Triumph of Air  
38 The False Archon  
39 Apotheosis  
40 Change  
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Milan Records today announced the release of GODFALL (MUSIC FROM THE VIDEO GAME) by composer Ben MacDougal. Available everywhere now, the album features music from the history-making Sony PlayStation 5 launch title and groundbreaking fantasy-action, roleplaying game.  Making its debut alongside today's announcement is Godfall's main theme song, "Aperion's Champion," which can be heard here.  Godfall is currently available in stores and online in tandem with the global arrival of the new PlayStation 5.

Of the soundtrack, composer BEN MACDOUGALL says, "I'm thrilled that the musical experience of Godfall is going to be available both in and outside of the game, and to be partnering with Milan Records on it is awesome. Whether it's the sweeping cinematic moments, the heart-pounding combat sequences, or the music denoting the incredible world of Aperion that draws you in, writing this score was an amazing journey."

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