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Ben Dowling

The Path of Peace


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'A Path to Peace' by Ben Dowling
Ben Dowling - Cirque du Soleil Piano Demo
Ben Dowling - Synth Demo
Ben Dowling - Prayer for a Friend


The Calling
1 Alone  
2 Resolve  
3 Evocation  
4 Ahimsa  
5 Dimension  
6 Suspension  
7 Exploration  
8 In Passing  
9 Sublime  
10 Quietude  
11 Awakening  
12 Emergence  
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Ben Dowling: The Path of Peace from Visionsound delivers an inter-artistic collaboration combining Dowling's contemplative piano music layered over Mark Wagner's original paintings, sketches, and chalk drawings. Conceived in wide-screen surround-sound, the piece stands as an exceptional and rigorous work with music that crosses effortlessly between diatonic to modal structures. Dowling's explorations of density and dissonance allow the visual work to unfold in slow motion.

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SYND includes:
Hearts Of Space
Direct: Music Choice, Sirius Spa, Radio Romania
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore(ADI), New Orleans, Chattanooga TN, Bridgeport CT

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