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Outlander Season 8 Announcement! | LIONSGATE+
1 Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Choral Version)  
2 The New Fraser's Ridge  
3 As Long as We Both Shall Live  
4 L-O-V-E  
5 Blood of My Blood  
6 Murtagh's Oath  
7 The Fiery Cross  
8 The Battle of Alamance  
9 Murtagh  
10 Young Ian Returns  
11 Clementine  
12 A Red, Red Rose  
13 The Fang Syringe  
14 Justice for Bonnet  
15 Journeycake  
16 Lighting the Cross  
17 Saving Claire  
18 Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Solo Vocal Version)  
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Sony Music today releases OUTLANDER: SEASON 5 (ORIGINAL TELEVISION SOUNDTRACK) with music by EMMY® and BAFTA award-winning composer BEAR MCCREARY.  Available everywhere now, the album features music written by McCreary for the fifth season of the critically acclaimed Starz series.

Of the soundtrack, composer BEAR MCCREARY says, "From the bagpipes of Scotland, the baroque harpsichords of Paris, the blistering Afro-Cuban percussion of Jamaica, to the twangy banjos of the Appalachian Mountains, my score for Outlander has continuously evolved to keep up with Claire and Jamie as they traverse both time and space. For the series' fifth season, I was presented with a new kind of challenge. For the first time, the geography and century would remain consistent with the previous season.  As a result, there was no longer a need to introduce new instruments and styles. Inspired by the drama, it was time to dig deeper into the music that had already been established."

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