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Bear McCreary


Sony Masterworks
Release Date: November 11, 2022

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PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer
Hozier and Bear McCreary - Blood Upon the Snow
Playstation All-Stars Game Easter Egg
1 God of War: Ragnarök – featuring Eivør  
2 A Son's Path  
3 The Hand of Odin  
4 Giantess of Ironwood  
5 Huldra Brothers  
6 Holding On – featuring Eivør  
7 Svartalfheim – featuring Eivør  
8 Pull of the Light – featuring Eivør  
9 Alfheim  
10 Jotunheim  
11 Grýla  
12 Whispered Souls  
13 Vanaheim  
14 The Hidden Beast  
15 To Forgive or to Kill  
16 Asgard  
17 Muspelheim and Niflheim  
18 Midgard  
19 The Mermaid  
20 Remembering Faye – featuring Eivør  
21 Return to Helheim  
22 The Hammer of Thor  
23 The Mask  
24 Ragnarök  
25 The All-Father  
26 Raeb's Lament  
27 Letting Go  
28 Blood Upon the Snow – Hozier & Bear McCreary  
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Sony Music Masterworks today releases GOD OF WAR RAGNARÖK (ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK) by composer BEAR McCREARY. Available everywhere now, the album features score music written by McCreary for the hugely-anticipated video game, which debuts today on PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 consoles. Also included within the 28-track collection is an original vocal track from McCreary and multiplatinum-selling singer-songwriter HOZIER entitled “Blood Upon the Snow” – listen here. Fans can get an inside look at the recording of the track in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video featuring interviews with Hozier and McCreary HERE. Having previously scored 2018’s God of War, McCreary returns to the legendary gaming franchise for its newest iteration, once again imbuing the score with traditional Northern European instrumentation, folk elements and an Icelandic choir to capture the game’s Nordic influences. McCreary also reunites with Faroese singer Eivør, who contributes her captivating vocal stylings throughout the score.

Speaking of his collaboration with Hozier, composer BEAR McCREARY says, “Among the most exciting surprises of my experience on God of War Ragnarök was the opportunity to co-write and co-produce ‘Blood Upon the Snow’ with the prolific Irish singer-songwriter, Hozier. I have always admired his captivating lyrical sensibilities and rich, velvety tenor vocal tone. I had a blast hanging out with him in the studio and crafting a song together that supports the emotional arc between father and son. I believe our song is the perfect finale for this epic narrative journey.” 

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