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A Neon Jazz Interview with Veteran Jazz Percussionist, Composer & Writer Barrett Martin
1 The Roaring Sea  
2 Juan's Strait Swing  
3 Please Come Back, She Said To The Sun  
4 The Elegance Of Wind  
5 Eagle vs. Raven  
6 Waves Of Color  
7 A Siren Calls  
8 Yellow Striped Spirit Snake  
9 A Year On The Cliff  
10 Fierce Hawk  
11 Pineapple Express  
12 Dance Of The Seven Sisters  
13 The Beauty In Darkness  
14 Rainshadow  
15 To The Sea We Return  
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Stillpoint is the moment between thoughts, when all mental chatter ceases and the clarity of absolute mind emerges from within. Stillpoint is also an album of original music and a book of short stories from Latin Grammy-winning producer, writer, and Zen practitioner, Barrett Martin. Building on his previous two books that also came with musical soundtracks (The Singing Earth 2017, The Way Of The Zen Cowboy 2019), Stillpoint is a stand alone studio album, but it also serves as the soundtrack for Barrett's 3rd book in the series titled, Stillpoint: Reflections From A Year On The Cliff.

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