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Avital Meets Avital on WNYC: New Sounds

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Two superb musicians of international stature – classically trained mandolin player Avi Avital and jazz bassist Omer Avital – have combined their creative energy and set out in search of their cultural roots on Avital Meets Avital. Released on Deutsche Grammophon, Avi and Omer Avital share no blood relation, though their musical careers have intersected and ultimately were rooted in the same place. Both musicians have parents of Moroccan descent who immigrated to Israel in the 1960s and both went to conservatory, one for jazz, one for classical. This shared heritage, and their divergent musical paths in the conservatory is the story of Avital Meets Avital and draws on Moroccan and North African sounds, folkloric and classical traditions, Israeli harmonies and Mediterranean rhythms.  

Zamzama [7:53] from Avital Meets Avital on New York's WNYC: New Sounds PROGRAM #4004, World Music