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Avi Adrian Trio

Songs From A Dream II - The Music Of Adar Broshi

Release Date: August 19, 2022

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Can't Let Go Baroque
Open up my palm
1 Tango Rexy  
2 Can't Let Go Baroque  
3 Kosher Chan Chan  
4 Cupadon  
5 Open Up My Palm  
6 Tango Bango  
7 It's Hard To Be A Donkey  
8 New Samba  
9 Rain Dance  
10 Remembering Adar  
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Virtuoso pianist Avi Adrian releases a new trio album titled ‘Songs From A Dream II’ with Barak Mori on Bass and Ofri Nehemia on Drums. The second album celebrating of the music of Adar Broshi who died of cancer at the age of 19 after two and a half years of fighting the disease. Part of our mission of this project is to raise the awareness to Childhood cancer, a disease that claims the lives of far too many children each year and a disease that has seen little medical progress over the last 30 years. While fighting cancer at the age of 17 and 18, Adar Broshi composed the music on this album. The tracks express Broshi’s memories of joy and happiness, and of an uncertain future, as well as the hope and determination to fight on.

Determined to share his talents with a wider audience, his father, Oded Broshi, and former piano teacher, Avi Adrian, self-released Songs From a Dream II, an album of Adar’s music as played by Adrian’s trio. With the exception of the final tune “Remembering Adar” which was composed by Avi Adrian, each composition on the album reflects and fuses the different inspirations of Adar Broshi and each feature a playful dance between two or more musical styles.

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