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Arturo Sandoval

Live at Yoshi's


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Tonight at Yoshi's: Soundcheck with Arturo Sandoval
KNKX Studio Session
1 Be Bop Medley
2 Dear Diz
3 El Manisero
4 Joy Spring
5 Second Line
6 Seven Steps
7 Suresa
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ALFI Records, the innovative record label based in Melbourne, Australia, has a mission to build a label that is made by and for artists and treats them like family. Founded by virtuoso jazz guitarist Albert Dadon, aka Albare, ALFI is proud to introduce its newest family member, the brilliant trumpet player Arturo Sandoval, whose new album, Live at Yoshi's, will be available on September 25, 2015. 

"Usually labels are reluctant to release live albums, " says Albare. "We are not - depending on the artist, of course. In this instance, we have recorded three concerts at Yoshi's and released the best takes for the benefit of Arturo Sandoval's fan base and beyond."

That fan base is substantial. The prolific Cuban-born, Los Angeles-based Sandoval has squeezed a whole lot of living into his 65 years. His bio reads so much like a film script that his life was actually turned into an HBO movie starring Andy Garcia.

Trained in classical music at the Cuban National School of Arts, he furtively listened to jazz on the only station he could, Voice of America, where his love affair with jazz blossomed. After Sandoval met his idol, trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie, in 1977, they became protégé and mentor, a relationship that solidified in 1990 when Sandoval defected from Cuba while in Europe on tour with Gillespie's United Nation Orchestra. Eventually Sandoval settled in Miami and began his musical life anew as a jazz composer, performer, producer and bandleader, while remaining deeply committed to classical music and playing in orchestras all over the world. Joining the ALFI Records family is a reunion of sorts for Sandoval. Shortly after receiving political asylum in America, the trumpeter was signed by GRP Records, under the direction of A & R head, Carl Griffin, who is now Senior Vice President with ALFI, to release his U.S. debut, Flight to Freedom. 

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