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Let the Rhythm Lead: Haiti Song Summit Vol. 1


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Jackson Browne - Love Is Love
Lape, Lanmou
Under The Supermoon - Jenny Lewis, Habib Koite
Surrender - Paul Beaubrun
Album - epk
The Drop: GRAMMY Museum
1 Lape, Lanmou (6:16)  
2 Love Is Love (4:40)  
3 Surrender (3:59)  
4 Under The Supermoon (5:15)  
5 Let The Rhythm Lead (4:39)  
6 Goddess At the Wheel (4:58)  
7 Koulandian (7:06)  
8 Saving Grace (4:14)  
9 El Viajero (6:50)  
10 Simbi Dlo (3:55)  
11 I Found Out (3:49)  
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Let the Rhythm Lead: Haiti Song Summit Vol. 1 is a meeting of musical styles and traditions that brings together the world views of songwriters Paul Beaubrun, Jackson Browne, Habib Koité, Jenny Lewis, Raúl Rodríguez, Jonathan Russell and Jonathan Wilson alongside members of Haitian roots band Lakou Mizik at the Artists Institute of Jacmel. 

Steeped in polyrhythmic drumming of Haitian Vodou, complex notes of Spanish Tres, Flamenco and Malian Guitar, interwoven with North American folk and rock, Let the Rhythm Lead is a musical odyssey, employing an array of diverse songwriting traditions and genres to tell stories of new friendships and collaborations, powerful spirits and ancient traditions, all the while honoring humanity, love, understanding, awakening and rejuvenation. Six languages narrate the journey with singing in English, French, Creole, Khassonké, Manding and Spanish.


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