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Ars Lyrica Houston (ALH) offers audiences a broad range of music from the 17th and 18th centuries, on period instruments and with careful attention to period style and context. Ars Lyrica, which means "lyric art," performs on period instruments because they produce a sweeter, more intimate sound than their modern equivalents and are better suited to the performance of Baroque music especially. Founded in 1998 by harpsichordist and conductor Matthew Dirst and incorporated in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) organization, this Grammy–nominated ensemble offers a yearly series of programs at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Houston and also performs regularly at other area and national venues. 

Under Dirst's leadership, ALH "set[s] the agenda for imaginative period–instrument programming in Houston" (according to the Houston Chronicle) with a distinctive blend of chamber, dramatic, and sacred works from the late Renaissance through the Classical era in music history. Its recordings have garnered international acclaim: Gramophone, the leading journal of the classical recording industry, praised Ars Lyrica's debut CD for its "exemplary skill and taste," the ensemble's musicians for their "impassioned performance" of never-before recorded works by Alessandro Scarlatti; while Ars Lyrica's latest CD, the world première recording of Johann Adolf Hasse's Marc Antonio e Cleopatra, was nominated for a Grammy Award for
Best Opera 2011. 

ALH is proud to have represented Houston's thriving early music community with programs at national meetings and conventions of the American Musicological Society, the American Bach Society, the American Guild of Organists, the Society for 17th–Century Music, and, this past summer, at the world–renowned Boston Early Music Festival. ALH also serves communities across Texas through frequent collaborations with other Texas–based arts organizations, including leading choral groups and early music sponsors. In addition to its concert and recording activities, ALH offers diverse educational and outreach programs, which focus on enriching the concert experience and
on building new audiences. 

Recent efforts in this area include two distinctive in–school programs for K–12 children in the Houston area, family concerts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, university-level workshops and collaborations, demonstrations of period instruments, performances at nontraditional venues, and lectures about
upcoming programs.

Ars Lyrica

Scarlatti: La Dirindina and Pur nel sonno

Sono Luminus

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1 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Sinfonia, Minuet  
2 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Recitative prt. 1  
3 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Aria, Vo'cantar  
4 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Recitative prt. 2  
5 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Aria, Sola voi  
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7 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Trio, Commar Dirindona  
8 Scarlatti: Sonata Gm/ Grave  
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10 Scarlatti: Sonata Gm/ Allegro  
11 Scarlatti: Sonata Gm/ Minuetto  
12 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Recitative prt. 4  
13 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Aria, Queste vostre  
14 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Recitative prt. 5  
15 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Aria, Aunamante  
16 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Recitative prt. 6  
17 Scarlatti: La Dirindina/ Trio, Dammi la man  
18 Scarlatti: Sonata Gmaj/ Grave  
19 Scarlatti: Sonata Gmaj/ Allegro  
20 Scarlatti: Sonata Gmaj/ Grave prt. 2  
21 Scarlatti: Sonata Gmaj/ Allegro prt. 2  
22 Scarlatti: Pur nel sonno almen/ Allegro  
23 Scarlatti: Pur nel sonno almen/ Minuet  
24 Scarlatti: Pur nel sonno almen/ Aria,Andante lento  
25 Scarlatti: Pur nel sonno almen/ Recitative  
26 Scarlatti: Pur nel sonno almen/ Aria, AllegroModer  

Sono Luminus is proud to release this latest breathtaking project from Ars Lyrica, Domenico Scarlatti's La Dirindina and Pur nel sonno. The package will be a 2-disc set, containing a Blu-rayTM Surround Sound disc as well as a standard CD. The story of La Dirindina concerns a wily but gifted young singer, Dirindina (Jamie Barton), and her teacher Don Carissimo (Brian Shircliffe), whose interest in his pupil is more than a little untoward. Dirindina's independent spirit and her ability to sing (when she wants to) annoy Don Carissimo, who is further vexed by the appearance of Liscione (Joseph Gaines), a famous castrato who brings some surprising news: the Milan theater wants to engage Dirindina as its prima donna. Don Carissimo flies into a rage, stammering his way through a highly amusing and forward-looking aria, only to see that his pretty pupil is now flirting openly with the castrato. 

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