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Arcadi Volodos

Volodos plays Brahms

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Arcadi Volodos documentary English subtitles
Arcadi Volodos plays Bill Evans
1 Brahms - Intermezzo in E-Flat Minor  
2 Brahms - Romanze in F Major  
3 Brahms - Intermezzo in F Minor  
4 Brahms - Ballade in G Minor  
5 Brahms - Intermezzo in A Major  
6 Brahms - Intermezzo in A Minor  
7 Brahms - Andante con moto  
8 Brahms - Andante non troppo e con molto espressione  
9 Brahms - Andante moderato  
10 Brahms - Intermezzo in B-Flat Major, Op. 76, No. 4  
11 Brahms - Intermezzo in A-Flat Major, Op. 76, No. 3  
12 Brahms - Capriccio in B Minor, Op. 76, No. 2  
13 Brahms - Capriccio in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 76, No. 1  
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Four years after his last album, outstanding pianist Arcadi Volodos explores Brahms's late works for the piano. In terms of their personally coloured intimacy and compactness the three collections of piano pieces op. 76, op. 117 and op. 118 are in Volodos's view among the greatest works ever written. "These are manifestly masterpieces," finds Arcadi Volodos. For him Brahms's late piano pieces are among the greatest works in the history of music. "By this stage of his career Brahms had already demonstrated his complete mastery of every large-scale form: he had written symphonies, concertos and sonatas. But now he turned to a miniature format and poured all of his experience into it. His style was now uncommonly compact and at the same time supremely personal. I find that very moving."

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