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Apollo Chamber Players

Malice Toward None

Azica Records

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Texas Public Radio Interview
Houston Life
Fantasia for Theremin, Oboe, String Quartet, and Piano | B. Martinů
1 With Malice Toward None  
2 The Unraveling -- 20x2020 No. 16 - I. Joni  
3 II. Lord I'm One  
4 III. Travis  
5 IV. Microbus  
6 What is the Word -- 20x2020 No. 11 - _What is the Word_ (poem)  
7 I. Extroverted  
8 II. Edgy  
9 III. Mercurial  
10 IV. Noble  
11 V. Very Fast  
12 VI. Euphoric  
13 Themes of Armenian Folksongs - Festive Song  
14 The Crane  
15 Echmiadzin Dance  
16 We Will Sing One Song 20x2020 No. 19  
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The Apollo Chamber Players have released their fifth studio album, With Malice Toward None, on Azica Records. The album is a breathtaking collection of globally-inspired compositions and collaborations, with each composer sharing their own personal interpretations of folk music. Works include a title track by Vietnam War-veteran J. Kimo Williams with a performance by electric violinist Tracy Silverman, Pamela Z's The Unraveling, What is the Word? by Christopher Theofanidis and Mark Wingate, new arrangements of a trio of Armenian folk songs by pioneering Armenian composer Komitas, and Eve Beglarian's We Will Sing One Song for duduk, string quartet, percussion, and track. The Pamela Z, Theofanidis and Wingate, and Beglarian pieces are part of Apollo's 20x2020 project, launched in 2014 with a mission to commission 20 new multicultural works before the end of the decade.

In J. Kimo Williams' With Malice Toward None (2020), the composer speaks to the current social and cultural climate we face, taking inspiration from Beethoven, who wished that musical expression could affect change. When asked for her interpretation of folk music, Pamela Z drew from the American folk and rock music from the 1960s and 1970s that resonated with her since childhood to create The Unraveling (2019). Christopher Theofanidis and Mark Wingate's What is the Word? (2017) is based on Samuel Beckett's poem of the same name, which was written in response to his own late encounter with aphasia. Armenian ethnomusicologist and composer Komitas created a renaissance in Armenian music, collecting and transcribing over 3,000 pieces of Armenian folk music during his life. Eve Beglarian began creating We Will Sing One Song (2020) while reading The Human Comedy by Armenian-American writer William Saroyan.

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