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Anthony de Mare

Liaisons: Re-Imagining Sondheim from the piano


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Liaisons: Re-Imagining Sondheim - Anthony de Mare (Album EPK)
Sunflower Sutra - Jerome Kitzke (Anthony de Mare, speaking pianist)


Interview with WGTE's Brad Cresswell
1 A Little Night Fughetta  
2 Color and Light  
3 Finishing the Hat 2 Pianos  
4 The Ladies Who Lunch  
5 Perpetual Happiness  
6 Birds of Victorian England  
7 Johanna in Space  
8 You Could Drive A Person Crazy  
9 That Old Piano Roll  
10 Sorry-Grateful  
11 No One Is Alone  
12 A Bowler Hat  
13 I'm Excited. No You're Not.  
14 The Demon Barber  
15 Send in the Clowns  
16 The Worst [Empanadas] in London  
17 I Think About You  
18 Very Put Together  
19 I'm Still Here  
20 Love is in the Air  
21 Epiphany  
22 Pretty Women  
23 Paraphrase (Someone in a Tree)  
24 In and Out of Love  
25 Another Hundred People  
26 Into the Woods  
27 Every Day A Little Death  
28 Merrily We Roll Along  
29 Notes on Beautiful  
30 Being Alive  
31 Not While I'm Around  
32 The Ballad of Guiteau  
33 Now  
34 A Child of Children and Art  
35 going... gone  
36 Everybody's Got The Right  
37 Sunday in the Park ~ Passages  
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Pianist Anthony de Mare invited 36 composers from a wide variety of backgrounds – contemporary classical music, jazz, pop, film music, musical theatre, and more – to ‘re-imagine' a song of their choice by Stephen Sondheim as a solo piano piece. Recording sessions for this 3-CD set spanned a four-year period, from November 2010 to November 2014.  The result is a remarkable compendium of new music as well as a testament to the depth of the source material.

Sondheim is more than America's preeminent composer of musical theatre, and his influence has resonated far beyond Broadway. "I created this project," says Anthony De Mare, "because I wanted to show Sondheim's influence on composers of many different genres and I also wanted to enhance and add to the piano repertoire with a whole new body of work.  This project breaks open the boundaries between musical theatre and concert music." As liner note author, and Sondheim authority Mark Eden Horowitz points out, Liaisons is "an exploration of how music communicates, not just to an audience, but among composers."  

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